shedding crocodile tears (exhibition sketch)

water study_1, neonlight, 2011
my crocodile is oversea_sketch for neonwork
persona grata, pencil drawing, oil on paper

Question: Why England had the most colonies?

frage: warum-hatte-england-die-meisten-kolonien?_(

question: Why England had the most colonies?

1. Yes! Because England very early in the greatest naval power was because England was an island has always been very dependent on water transport (similar to the Dutch, who also had a lot Kollonien).

2. Many and very good boats -> Travel to the "new" world and colonization of entire countries (including warships, etc.)

3. Various themes and historical developments have led to the establishment of the British Empire. One thing is certain: the British pursued a plan or concept to establish a colonial empire of such magnitude. Much is based on chance and has different causes. The motives were manifold: militarily, economically or socially but also politically.